Circus Ringmaster- Annie Callahan

Full character name: Ophelia Claudia Alastor Addams

Age: 39

Family members: Luna Addams (distant ancestor), Inessa Dmitrievna Sokolova (adoptive sister), Oleander Addams (cousin)

Favorite food: Melktert (as a result of her travels, she prefers foreign dishes to plain mac n’ cheese)

Hobbies: Raising lions, running her circus, sewing/designing

Favorite color: Glittery gold

Quirky trait or habit: She tended to tap her foot when nervous, impatient, or bored. 

Do you have any pets? She had a pride of lions whom she had bred and raised from birth. Kitty, the Addams family pet, is possibly a descendant of Ophelia’s lions.

Am I close to anyone? She was very close to her adopted sister, Inessa Sokolova, and her young cousin, Oleander, who she was the guardian of. She never really got truly romantically or platonically involved with anyone else.

Who has helped shape me? She was shaped by the Broadway shows of her time, and the circuses as well.

What is my favorite thing to do? She liked to teach Oleander when she was younger about her circus, hoping that Oleander would take it over one day.

What physical or emotional burdens do I carry, no matter how small? She had very straight posture and slight bags under her eyes, a result of her dedication to showbiz.

How do I see the world? She was an optimist. Whenever a show didn’t go as planned, she would be the one to hype up her crew and get them back on their feet.

What do I think about a lot? She thought a lot about her appearance, she was a bit of a narcissist when it came to how she looked. However, she worried about this because, as she would always say, people are more willing to listen when you look your best.

What do I care most about? She cared the most about Oleander and her well-being. Other than that, social image and appearance also mattered a lot to her.

What are my goals in life? Her goal was to keep her circus’s image alive, so that Oleander could inherit it after she was gone with minimal complications.

What is/are my strength(s)? Ophelia was a daredevil, unafraid of taking the greatest risks in hopes of the most prosperous outcome. However, she was also very tactical, so when her lions accidentally maimed people, she knew how to weasel her way out of getting sued.

What is my greatest weakness? Her greatest weakness was that she was a little vain and blind to what others wanted, which is why none of her relationships really worked out.

What do I need to hold on to? She needed to hold onto her sister and cousin, but nearly failed multiple times.

What have I left behind? She has left behind all her friendships, because she didn’t know what happened to them and her loyalties lay with her family and her legacy.